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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Board of Supervisors Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 9/17/2018 9:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Hall of Records
FY 2018-19 Budget Hearings
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
Meeting video:  
File #Ver.Agenda #NameTypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsVideo
18-1049 1I.County Administrative Officer OverviewAgenda ItemCounty Administrative Officer Overview   Not available Video Video
18-1050 1II.Recommended BudgetsAgenda ItemRecommended Budgets   Not available Video Video
18-1051 11.Agriculture (Org 4010)Agenda ItemAgriculture (Org 4010) (Nar. Page 44)   Not available Not available
18-1052 12.Assessor (Org 0420)Agenda ItemAssessor (Org 0420) (Nar. Page 50)   Not available Not available
18-1053 13.Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector (Org 0410)Agenda ItemAuditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector (Org 0410) (Nar. Page 56)   Not available Not available
18-1054 14.Behavioral Health-Public Guardian (Org 5630)Agenda ItemBehavioral Health-Public Guardian (Org 5630) (Nar. Page 62)   Not available Not available
18-1055 15.Board of Supervisors (Org 0110)Agenda ItemBoard of Supervisors (Org 0110) (Nar. Page 70)   Not available Not available
18-1056 16.Child Support Services (Org 5110)Agenda ItemChild Support Services (Org 5110) (Nar. Page 76)   Not available Not available
18-1057 17.County Administrative Office (Org 0120)Agenda ItemCounty Administrative Office (Org 0120) (Nar. Page 82) Alternate Indigent Defense (Org 2875) (Nar. Page 88) Countywide Revenues (Org 0415) (Nar. Page 92) Contingencies, General Reserves, and Designations (Org 8210) (Nar. Page 96) Court Ancillary Services (Org 2838) (Nar. Page 100) Grand Jury (Org 2870) (Nar. Page 104) Interest and Miscellaneous Expenditures (Org 2540) (Nar. Page 108)   Not available Not available
18-1058 18.County Clerk-Elections (Org 2850)Agenda ItemCounty Clerk-Elections (Org 2850) (Nar. Page 118)   Not available Not available
18-1059 19.County Counsel (Org 0710)Agenda ItemCounty Counsel (Org 0710) (Nar. Page 124)   Not available Not available
18-1060 110.District Attorney-Public Administrator (Org 2860)Agenda ItemDistrict Attorney-Public Administrator (Org 2860) (Nar. Page 130) District Attorney-Grants (Org 2862) (Nar. Page 138)   Not available Not available
18-1061 111.Human Resources (Org 1010)Agenda ItemHuman Resources (Org 1010) (Nar. Page 144)   Not available Not available
18-1062 112.Internal Services DepartmentAgenda ItemInternal Services Department Purchasing (Org 0440) (Nar. Page 150)   Not available Not available
18-1063 113.Librarian (Org 7515)Agenda ItemLibrarian (Org 7515) (Nar. Page 154)   Not available Not available
18-1064 114.Probation (Org 3430)Agenda ItemProbation (Org 3430) (Nar. Page 158) Probation - Grants (Org 3432) (Nar. Page 164) Probation – Juvenile Justice Campus (Org 3440) (Nar. Page 170)   Not available Not available
18-1065 115.Public Defender (Org 2880)Agenda ItemPublic Defender (Org 2880) (Nar. Page 176)   Not available Not available
18-1066 116.Public Health (Org 5620)Agenda ItemPublic Health (Org 5620) (Nar. Page 182) County Medical Services (Org 5240) (Nar. Page 190)   Not available Not available
18-1067 117.Public Works and Planning (Org 4360)Agenda ItemPublic Works and Planning (Org 4360) (Nar. Page 194) Support Services (Org 4365) (Nar. Page 200) Transit Services (Org 4700) (Nar. Page 204) Grants (Org 5512) (Nar. Page 208) Community Development Block Grant (Org 7205) (Nar. Page 214) Parks and Grounds (Org 7910) (Nar. Page 220)   Not available Not available
18-1068 118.Sheriff-Coroner (Org 3111)Agenda ItemSheriff-Coroner (Org 3111) (Nar. Page 226)   Not available Not available
18-1069 119.Social Services (Org 5610) (Nar. Page 236)Agenda ItemSocial Services (Org 5610) (Nar. Page 236) Aid to Adoptions (Org 6415) (Nar. Page 244) Aid to Refugees (Org 6615) (Nar. Page 248) CalWORKs (Org 6310) (Nar. Page 252) Dependent Children-Foster Care (Org 6410) (Nar. Page 256) General Relief (Org 6645) (Nar. Page 260) In-Home Supportive Services (Org 6420) (Nar. Page 264) In-Home Supportive Services-Public Authority (Org 5611) (Nar. Page 268) Veterans Service Office (Org 7110) (Nar. Page 274)   Not available Not available
18-1070 120.Juvenile Justice Campus (Org 8830)Agenda ItemJuvenile Justice Campus (Org 8830) (Nar. Page 278)   Not available Not available
18-1071 121.West Annex Jail (Orgs 8845-8849)Agenda ItemWest Annex Jail (Orgs 8845-8849) (Nar. Page 282)   Not available Not available
18-1072 122.Adult Crisis Residential Treatment Facility (Org 8851)Agenda ItemAdult Crisis Residential Treatment Facility (Org 8851) (Nar. Page 290)   Not available Not available
18-1073 123.Jail Improvements (Org 8852)Agenda ItemJail Improvements (Org 8852) (Nar. Page 294)   Not available Not available
18-1074 124.Sierra Facility Improvements (Org 8859)Agenda ItemSierra Facility Improvements (Org 8859) (Nar. Page 298)   Not available Not available
18-1075 125.Sanger Library Remodel (Org 8860)Agenda ItemSanger Library Remodel (Org 8860) (Nar. Page 302)   Not available Not available
18-1076 126.Clovis Library (Org 8863)Agenda ItemClovis Library (Org 8863) (Nar. Page 306)   Not available Not available
18-1077 127.Capital Projects with No AppropriationsAgenda ItemCapital Projects with No Appropriations (Nar. Page 310)   Not available Not available
18-1078 128.Debt Service (Orgs 0301 and 0302)Agenda ItemDebt Service (Orgs 0301 and 0302) (Nar. Page 312)   Not available Not available
18-1079 129.HR Fund 1060 - Risk Management (Org 8925)Agenda ItemHR Fund 1060 - Risk Management (Org 8925) (Nar. Page 318)   Not available Not available
18-1080 130.ISD Fund 1000 - Fleet Services (Orgs 8910 and 8911)Agenda ItemISD Fund 1000 - Fleet Services (Orgs 8910 and 8911) (Nar. Page 324)   Not available Not available
18-1081 131.ISD Fund 1020 - Information Technology Services (Orgs 8905 and 8908)Agenda ItemISD Fund 1020 - Information Technology Services (Orgs 8905 and 8908) (Nar. Page 330)   Not available Not available
18-1082 132.ISD Fund 1030 - PeopleSoft Operations (Org 8933)Agenda ItemISD Fund 1030 - PeopleSoft Operations (Org 8933) (Nar. Page 336)   Not available Not available
18-1083 133.ISD Fund 1035 - Security Services (Org 8970)Agenda ItemISD Fund 1035 - Security Services (Org 8970) (Nar. Page 340)   Not available Not available
18-1084 134.ISD Fund 1045 - Facility Services (Org 8935) (Nar. Page 344)Agenda ItemISD Fund 1045 - Facility Services (Org 8935) (Nar. Page 344)   Not available Not available
18-1085 135.PW&P Fund 0701 - Resources (Org 9015)Agenda ItemPW&P Fund 0701 - Resources (Org 9015) (Nar. Page 350)   Not available Not available
18-1086 136.PW&P Disposal Sites (Orgs 9020, 9026, and 9028)Agenda ItemPW&P Disposal Sites (Orgs 9020, 9026, and 9028) (Nar. Page 356)   Not available Not available
18-1087 137.PW&P Fund 0801 - Special Districts - Administration (Org 9140)Agenda ItemPW&P Fund 0801 - Special Districts - Administration (Org 9140) (Nar. Page 364)   Not available Not available
18-1088 138.Assessor-Recorder (Fund 0035)Agenda ItemAssessor-Recorder (Fund 0035) Recorder (Org 1048) (Nar. Page 368)   Not available Not available
18-1090 139.County Administrative Office (Fund 0009)Agenda ItemCounty Administrative Office (Fund 0009) Community Recidivism Reduction Grant (Org 3451) (Nar. Page 374)   Not available Not available
18-1091 140.County Administrative Office (Fund 0271)Agenda ItemCounty Administrative Office (Fund 0271) Local Revenue Fund 2011 – 2011 Realignment (Various Orgs) (Nar. Page 378)   Not available Not available
18-1092 141.Library (Fund 0107)Agenda ItemLibrary (Fund 0107) Measure B (Org 7511) (Nar. Page 388) Library Grants (Org 7517) (Nar. Page 396) County Library Book Fund (Org 7521) (Nar. Page 400) Library Capital Improvements (Org 7530) (Nar. Page 404)   Not available Not available
18-1093 142.Public Health (Fund 0130)Agenda ItemPublic Health (Fund 0130) Emergency Medical Services (Org 5244) (Nar. Page 408)   Not available Not available
18-1094 143.Public Works and Planning (Fund 0010)Agenda ItemPublic Works and Planning (Fund 0010) Road Fund (Org 4510) (Nar. Page 412)   Not available Not available
18-1095 144.Public Works and Planning (Fund 0115)Agenda ItemPublic Works and Planning (Fund 0115) Fish and Game Propagation (Org 4350) (Nar. Page 424)   Not available Not available
18-1096 145.Public Works and Planning (Fund 0120)Agenda ItemPublic Works and Planning (Fund 0120) Off-Highway License (Org 7920) (Nar. Page 428)   Not available Not available
18-1099 146.Special Revenue Funds with Limited AppropriationsAgenda ItemSpecial Revenue Funds with Limited Appropriations (Nar. Page 432)   Not available Not available
18-1100 147.Special Revenue Funds with No AppropriationsAgenda ItemSpecial Revenue Funds with No Appropriations (Nar. Page 444)   Not available Not available
18-1097 1III.Follow-Up Items as NecessaryAgenda ItemFollow-Up Items as Necessary   Not available Video Video
18-1098 1IV.Resolution to Adopt the Final Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19Agenda ItemIt is recommended that your Board adopt the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Final Budget Resolution which includes all adjustments to appropriations, revenues, and obligated fund balances made to the recommended budget during the budget hearing   Not available Video Video